We make your data work smarter.

Want to improve member services, operational efficiencies, and product offerings? Make it happen with our full suite of software tools and intelligence reporting.

They [AdvantEdge Analytics] had the most robust and flexible technology, compared to other providers, which will allow RBFCU to look to the future and expand as needed.

Randy Carswell
Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union

Data Management Services.

Frustrated by data silos? Want to do a better job leveraging third-party data? Don’t know if you’re working with the most current version of your data? Here’s how we deliver data peace of mind.

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Reporting and Performance Management.

Not sure what your data is trying to tell you? Our visualization tools, intelligence reporting, and in-depth analysis make sure nothing’s lost in translation.

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Advanced Analytics Solutions.

Wish you knew which channels and services members will want tomorrow? Tired of losing members you didn’t even know were at risk? Want help developing a game plan that meets the needs of your members—and your staff too? Our predictive modeling tools do all that and more.

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