Advanced Analytics Solutions

The “crystal ball” that helps your credit union discover what members will want tomorrow—and creates the game plan to make it happen.

Predictive Modeling

What products and services will members need and want in the future—and what channels will they use to access them? We’ve developed robust algorithms, leveraged the benefits of machine learning, and assembled a team of leading data scientists to help you find out.

Indirect Member Lead Generation

The data that lets you optimize cross-sell, increase conversion levels, and improve retention rates.

Non-member Lead Generation

Targeted prospecting means you can increase member growth and earnings per new member.

Member Churn Reduction

Insights to deliver personalized offers and improve member retention.

Predictive Analytics for Credit Unions

Learn how credit unions can harness the power of predictive analytics to drive member engagement and transform their business.

Strengthen the Member Experience, Improve Frontline Adoption and Grow Market Share

Identify high-value, engaged members
With a 360-degree view that integrates marketing priority, loyalty, propensity scores, and demographics you’ll know which members are more likely to stay—and more likely to respond to products and offers.

Pinpoint the right targets and offerings
Analyze your members’ buying patterns to identify cross- and upsell opportunities and channel preferences, improve loyalty and engagement, and build more personalized relationships.

Monitor changing behavior
Don’t be caught off guard. Our reporting intelligence identifies changes in member behavior that could spell trouble for your credit union and helps you address it proactively.

Improve workflow management and staff adoption
Effective execution can be the difference between a successful program and an “almost.” Rely on our team to create a personalized action plan that turns information into results.