We harness the power of big data to create a better credit union.
For you and your members.

Data is critical to your credit union’s success. And yesterday’s data insights are just table stakes in today’s competitive financial services market.

But trying to mine, manage, warehouse, analyze, visualize, and integrate it on your own can be time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive.

A better option? AdvantEdge Analytics from CUNA Mutual Group.

Here’s what AdvantEdge Analytics brings to the big data table

More data.

We’ve gathered data from millions of consumers across a wide array of touch points. And we understand how to uncover and translate actionable insights across the dozens of systems (core, credit card, mortgage and more) found at a typical credit union.

Exceptional data modeling.

Big data holds big promise. But no one credit union can afford to build, test, and implement all the models that matter. Tap into the power of ours to control risk, improve operational efficiency, increase sales, and retain employees and members.

A passionate team of experienced data scientists.

Trying to attract and retain your own data team? It can be an uphill battle—and a tough sell when you’re competing with Silicon Valley and fintech start-ups. Don’t stress. Leverage our experts instead.

Credit union focus.

Other data analytics companies don’t understand the unique marketplace and regulatory challenges credit unions face. We do—and we’ve got the track record to prove it.

Our three-step process turns data into results

No matter where you are on your data and analytics journey, our three-step process can take you where you need to go next—faster and more effectively.

Step 1 Organize

You need tools and experience to break through data silos and leverage external data to create a 360-degree view. Don’t settle for a single data touch point. Our data management process ensures you’ve got easy access to the most recent and relevant data, when you need it.

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Step 2 Translate

What stories are your data trying to tell? We’re your credit union data whisperers. Discover how we can turn your data into actionable insights with our full suite of software tools, predictive modeling, and intelligence reporting.

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Step 3 Execute

The world’s best data is meaningless without action. You’ll get a tailored, member-centric execution strategy that uses data to improve workflow and member connections, and delivers measurable outcomes.

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